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Are you Starting a Business or Already Running One? Do You Need Flexible Working Space with Free WiFi, Coworkers, Professional Services and more?

Tech Hub is a Harare-based Co-working Space and Business Development Hub. We have put together tools and resources to help you start and grow your business. We are passionate about startups.




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Finding affordable working space for a startup can be difficult. We offer flexible working space for individuals or teams. Are you tired of working in cramped spaces? Are you failing to start your business because you have no capital? Do you want your own fully furnished office without having to buy the furniture yourself? Tech Hub offers professionally configured offices complete with meeting areas and conference rooms. Choose where you want to sit and meet with your clients or business partners in comfortable surroundings. Never miss a call or lose mail. We will answer your calls and keep your mail. Change the way you work today with Tech Hub. 

Do you want to launch or grow your business fast? Tech Hub provides you with the quickest way for you to setup your business or launch a new product.  Tap into other coworkers who are ready and willing to offer you ideas and advise. If for some reason your business fails you simply move out of Tech Hub or simply move on to your next brilliant idea.


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Do you want fast, reliable and never down broadband internet? Do you want business services such as  fax services, document typing, printing, copying, laminating, binding, scanning services at affordable prices? Do you want remote access to your stored documents? Tech Hub offers world class business services which help you to concentrate you business. 

Do you want to work with Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Consultants, Corporate Advisors, Investors, Entreprenuers who understand you? Gain access to professional services as you start and grow your business through Tech Hub's partners. Get top notch professional advise on your start up from people who want to see you grow. 


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Working at Tech Hub allows you to meet and collaborate with others just like you.Change the way you work? You can host events, launch your product, pitch an idea to investors or other stakeholders? Tech Hub makes all this happen.  We  arrange and host events for you and make sure that they are successful. In addition to handling your events, Tech Hub and its partners also host own free events, training sesssions, workshops and expos designed to empower participants with skills and ideas to grow their businesses.  

Learn from experts on how to develop your idea into a business or pitch your ideas or get funding, even find a co-founder or sell your business?  Our networking events give you the opportunity to meet with people who can make your dream come true.  

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Tech Hub is looking for like minded partners who are willing to empower startups, freelancers, independent workers, college students, and entreprenuers who are developing their ideas and collaborating on things that matter to them. If you join us as a partner you will be able to tap into these smart skills and build your own business. Invest in their future and watch your own business grow.


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