Every Start-up Founder needs a helping hand. We provide Space / Community / Services and helpstart-ups grow. Through our platform we connect you to mentors, developers and  help entrepreneurs create and grow their start-up ventures. This platform was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Surounded by experts and fellow entrepreneurs, start-up founders get guidance on the right steps to take to start or grow their business ventures. Throughout the year, we link you to skill-building experts, events and help you develop your entrepreneurship toolkit.

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Join thousands of entrepreneurs who are creating their businesses from the ground up. Learn and share ideas. We provide great networking opportunities and training. Click here to request to join.


Have a great idea for a tech startup?

Tech Hub  provides you with an opportunity to register your startup for an opportunity to  network, work with  great mentors and obtain free training to help you prepare your pitch to investors.

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Get connected to opportunities  

All registered startups get professional help and gain access to proven tools and domain experts. 

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Simplifying the start-up journey 

We help them transform ideas and dreams into profitable businesses, through technology, mentorship and training.

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The ultimate Start-up Innovation platform

Our Mission is to develop and empower entrepreneurs. We enable founders to build their ventures and unleash their full entrepreneurial potential.

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