We help first time Start-up founders increase their chances of success through incubation, mentorship and training. At Tech Hub Harare we run various programmes to help startups develop their ideas and get funding. We work with our partners to empower start-ups with the tools and resources they need to suceed.

Building a startup is hard so founders need a helping hand, from bulding an MVP, to finding a suitable co-founder, to finding space to work from, finding reputable software/application developers and to building a strong team. Tech Hub Harare provides all this and more in order to help start-ups scale and grow. Through our platform we connect start-ups to mentors, developers, first employees and more. Tech Hub helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas to scalable start-up ventures.

This platform was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We help start-ups learn from the failure of others and help them build their venture through expert help, peer learning and mentorship. Throughout the year, we link you to skill-building experts, training events and help you increase your chances of success in finding the right investor.

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Join thousands of entrepreneurs who are creating their businesses from the ground up at Tech Hub. Learn, share ideas and get great networking opportunities and training. Click here to request to get help with your startup of find a job in a startup. 


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Have a great idea for a tech startup?

Tech Hub  provides you with an opportunity to register your startup for an opportunity to  network, work with  great mentors and obtain free training to help you prepare your pitch to investors.

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Get connected to opportunities  

All registered startups get professional help and gain access to proven tools and domain experts. 

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Simplifying the start-up journey 

We help them transform ideas and dreams into profitable businesses, through technology, mentorship and training.

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The ultimate Start-up Innovation platform

Our Mission is to develop and empower entrepreneurs. We enable founders to build their ventures and unleash their full entrepreneurial potential.

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