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"When you need to innovate, you need collaboration." ~ Marissa Mayer

Feb 28

Innovation is about collaboration

Working with startups can great, but its hard. Everyday we meet with  many people who are seating on brilliant ideas that could solve some of the challenges we face as a country. When we ask people why they have not launched their ideas into a start yet these are some of the reasons we get.

1. I have no money to start.

2. The economic environment is not conducive - I am waiting for the right time.

3. I cant code and coders are expensive - coders will still my idea so i am going to start learning to to code first . Or coders want 50% of my business for developing the code.

We could go and on about the many excuses we get stopping people from getting started. 


Don't seat on your ideas. Develop them even if it takes you years. Get started. That's how big companies are born.

Coding can be hard but if you can read and write, you can write "Hello world" before we could introduced to coding we thought it was impossible to master. Join this community to develop opensource applications. Its the best way to learn to code.