We invite participants to apply for selection into our programmes. We pick participants with early stage ideas, especially those that are taking advantage of the latest technology to develop innovative businesses that solve everyday problems. We help them with the tools and resources that they needto develop their ideas into investable businesses, fast.


The selected startups work with mentors and developers to create their businesses inside our coworking space

At the end of the program, the startups demonstrate their products and have a chance to pitch their ideas to investors.

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Have a great idea but dont know where to start? You have come to the right place.

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Become part of the Tech Hub Harare community today. Make your dream come true. Tech Hub Harare offers entrepreneurship training and provides mentors. You will get daily access to active founder-advisors who can help give you feedback on your own startup.

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Its easy. Just join our database and we will contact you to participate in our pitch events were we select eligable startups. Our community is made up of mentors, investment advisors, coders, and entreprenuers who will help you move from idea to business.



Contact us today and build your idea through us. We are here to provide you with all the support you need to grow that idea. Get Free access to office space, internet, mentors, access to markets and financing. Contact us to find how you can benefit.

“We provide you with the platform to launch your own idea and create your own future. Get access to amazing mentors, a great community, connections, and training.”

Tech Hub Harare

Join the Ultimate Startup Ecosystem in Harare.

Get Mentored, Collaborate and Grow.

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What you will get from us

  • Space

    Enjoy our accessible space with fast internet, printing services, supply logistic services and work with like minded people in Harare's Central Business District.

  • Mentoring

    Get individual coaching and mentorship from senior executives and successful serial entrepreneurs who have done it all before.

  • Programmes

    Participate in our accelerator programmes designed to help you grow your technology driven start-up and develop our economy.

  • Financing

    Gain exposure and present your ideas / startups to a network of investors through demo days, networking events and pitches.

Let’s make an impact together! We want you to succeed.

Lets solve problems together. We will help you develop your idea into viable business. When you grow we teach you how to raise money and attract the right investors. Collaborate with others helps you refine your ideas and scale your business, through mentors and coworkers. Our community wants to see everyone succeed.

We open the right doors.

Free Space

For Startups

We choose 10 startups to use our space with free internet for three months and help the startups develop their ideas into businesses.



Take advantage of our workshops, short courses on product development, customer acquisition models and more.


By professionals

We connect startups to professionals. We have a panel of experts to help startups develop their ideas into real businesses.


To Markets

We work with all our startups individually to create markets for their products and services through our wide networks accross sectors.


To Investors

Through our networking events, we expose startups to investors, co-founders and broaden their access to infinite opportunities.



We provide developers for your great idea, a test environment or ready made solutions to make your launch quicker and affordable.

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Take your idea to the next level


The right partners and investors

Join the ultimate innovation platform.
Let us take your startup to the next level.

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Applications are open until July 31 2018