Destined for greatness

Destined for greatness

Destined for Greatness : Your Tuesday morning Inspiration with Gerald Chinogara 

One of the most profound insights of life is that we don't attract to ourselves what we want, we attract what we are. You need to free yourself from self sabotaging traps you have been unconsciously setting for yourself which jeopardize your greatness. In real life the opposite of courage is not cowardice  but is conformity. Conformity is one of the undisputed perennial champions of self sabotaging traps. Most people do things because everyone else is doing it without asking why. 

It is quite intriguing that powerful life lessons can be learnt by merely observing nature. With this understanding, allow me to indulge you with a small story with which powerful and interesting life lessons can be learnt on conformity.  If you already know the story, allow me to take you through the story again as there is power in repetition. The story goes as follows
 “In an experiment in animal behavior, a half-dozen monkeys were put into a large cage which had a bunch of bananas suspended from the roof, right in the center. Below the bananas was a set of steps from which the monkeys could pluck the fruit. But the steps were wired with detectors and as soon as a monkey touched the steps, a high-pressure hose would spray extremely icy-cold water over the whole of the cage, soaking all the monkeys to the skin.

The monkeys VERY quickly learned the bananas were strictly 'out of bounds', and acted collectively to prevent any individual monkey from getting too close to them. Thus were social rules established and enforced. Once the pattern was established, a monkey was removed from the cage and replaced by a new one. Naturally the new monkey made straight for the bananas, but the group immediately jumped on him and forcibly prevented him from getting anywhere near them.

The new monkey very soon learned the rules despite never having gotten wet with the icy-cold water. Over time ALL the original monkeys were removed from the cage and replaced. And one by one every new monkey learned the bananas were literally 'forbidden fruit'. They did it because that's how it had always been done - despite the fact the water jets had long been turned off. Finally, the researchers placed in the cage a bigger, much stronger monkey.

A maverick monkey! A rule-breaker. When this monkey went for the fruit it easily shrugged off the others, leapt up onto the steps and grabbed the bananas. The others watched fearfully at this break with convention, but slowly came to realize it was safe and no harm had befallen the rule-breaker. Thus, ALL benefited from the unconventional actions of one rogue monkey".

I have no thread of doubt that this story has lighted up and awakened the winner in you.  You can actually run a parallel to the story with what is happening in your life. The environment to you is now a jungle where the rules of engagement are now different. This has stopped a lot of people fast in their tracks, and most are now fearful and uncertain as they do not know how to navigate in this global life challenge attributable to the impact of Covid-19.

But from merely observing history, once in a while ingenious makes a visitation to one individual, and before you know it, everyone is copying and some actually leave what they know best to follow the “gold rush” and join the bandwagon in minting the money. From time immemorial  courageous world changers broke with convention, the likes of  Galileo Galilei, the Wright brothers, Thomas Alva Edison, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates just to mention a few. So why are you allowing conformity to immobilize you from being inducted into the World Changers  hall of fame? Stop that self sabotaging thought and start now to do what you feel in your inner being will bring out your uniqueness to transform the world. Starting today will give you a head start. Remember a good head start will give an amateur the chance to beat even the fastest athlete in the world. So why are you still waiting,  just do it and stun yourself as you evolve into the best version of yourself.

  • Posted on 7 July, 2020
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