Destined for Greatness : Your Tuesday morning Inspiration with Gerald Chinogara 

Destined for Greatness : Your Tuesday morning Inspiration with Gerald Chinogara 

If the truth be said, we all know that it is a challenge to succeed. If it were not, I'm sure more people would be successful today than what we see in reality. While most people spend most of their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller number seem to have everything going their way. Being a nice person and a good worker does not qualify you for financial success.  You might even be smarter and working harder than some of the prosperous people you know, who just seem to have everything going their way. But you see, you've got to be more than a good person and a good worker. You've got to become a good planner, and a good dreamer. You've got to put in the long hours and put up with the setbacks and the disappointments to pass the test.
You've got to learn to enjoy the process of disciplines and of putting yourself through the paces of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. You've got to be prepared and willing to attack the challenges if you want the success because challenges are part of success. The process of going from average to fortune isn't really all that difficult, it is thinking about it that is the difficult part. Anticipating all the effort and the changes and the disciplines is far worse in the mind than in reality. The challenges you'll meet on the road to success are far less difficult to deal with than the struggles and the disappointments that come from living an average life.
In the new normal, it is not very difficult to notice that while many companies and individuals might be struggling right now, there is a group of companies and individuals flourishing in a fashion that has never been seen before. There are some common characteristics found in these companies and individuals who seem to be doing well during these uncertain times. I am going to share with you the four main characteristics that stand out.

Firstly, these companies and individuals exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset. Although, it's true that when a boom is going on the entrepreneur is often leading the way, you will also notice that when the water is high i.e. when things are going good, everything tends to even out and everyone seems to be doing well. But when it all starts to go south, it is then that entrepreneurs can rise more quickly and distinguish themselves. Their ability to take risks, be decisive, recognize and seize opportunity and to basically "create", allows them to find a way to make things happen.

An excellent work ethic and focus is the second characteristic. In sports, how do you beat the most talented person in the world when their focus is to out class you and have a "will to win" that is not to be exceeded? Well, the same answer to this question is also true in business. The top performers do not get complacent. They do not rest on their laurels, and they don't decide that because they are doing well or are on top that is good enough. Their work ethic and drive to be their personal best has allowed previous victories and momentum to carry over into more success, even in difficult times.        
Thirdly, they have made a commitment to succeed. Making a decision is the prerequisite to all successes. All good things are upstream, but the natural tendency is to go downstream. Commitment creates the mindset that allows you to face challenges, shut out negative circumstances and discomfort and then move upstream towards your goals.
Last but not least, it is the manner in which these companies and individuals operate out of faith. Without faith it is impossible to take risk. Faith allows you to be free to give and be your best, knowing that the reward will manifest itself sometime in the future. Faith also allows you to find the opportunity that often comes disguised in the form of a problem or challenge. While others are "missing it" or spending their time and energy complaining, the person/company of faith is identifying and seizing new opportunities. 

I would estimate much of where you find yourself today could be directly related to how well you have fared on the four attributes in the past few years. The good news is today is a new day, a new opportunity. Now is your time, the time to work on yourself, your customer relationships and your business, and then to attract all the success outcomes you deserve. While you are creating the new you, look at every challenge you might be facing, including Covid 19, as an opportunity to "create" new and better outcomes

  • Posted on 1 September, 2020
  • by Administrator