Destined for Greatness :Your Tuesday morning Inspiration with Gerald Chinogara

Frustration is the child of stagnation. We are most alive when we are making progress, even micro-progress in the direction of ideals that excite us. Our spirits take flight when we stand steadfast along the path of the mighty mission and heroic ideals that call out the finest within us. The times we are now living are interesting, we have the pandemic ravaging lives, businesses and economies; social media addicts us, providing an escape from a tumultuous reality, and the uncertainty and volatility overwhelms many of us.

And yet there is a great solution to all of this, it is in every one of us. God in his wisdom saw it fit for you to be alive on this planet at a time such as this. Everything that the oak tree will become  is in the acorn seed, but merely looking at the acorn seed don't reveal anything that resembles the oak tree yet the tree is within that seed. Everything that you are meant to be is already inside you. A glance at yourself now might not reveal all that you are destined to be. However, the absolute truth is each of us came into this world equipped to the teeth with everything  we require to accomplish our preordained destiny to impact and transform the world.

A quick pick from the best selling book of all times ever the Holy Bible, in Jeremiah 29:11 these words were spoken to people in the midst of hardship and suffering; people who were likely desiring an immediate rescue. But God’s response is not to provide immediate escape from the difficult situation. Rather, God promises that He has a plan to prosper them in the midst of their current situation.

God has a plan for our lives regardless of what we will be going through. He can work through it to prosper us and give us hope and a future. God is not perplexed with your life challenges. He will not scratch his head thinking about the best way to deliver you because he knows more than a million ways to change your situation if you cooperate with him.

As we continue to witness human intellect, wisdom and understanding failing as is evidenced through failing global economies; I believe this is the best time to retreat from the world and find that place of silence, courage and serenity that sits at the root of every human soul. It is only by going back to our core that we will be able to draw strength and insight from that which will not fail i.e. our very authentic selves.

The quest to fulfilling your preordained destiny is not a walk in the park but it is best game you'll ever play. As you take steps towards unleashing that which you are destined to be amid the global turbulence, you will be misunderstood, mocked, suppressed and sometimes you will doubt yourself. The dark forces of insecure critics will try to keep you down. Living your heroic ambitions and materializing the potential you have sleeping inside of you especially in these hard times isn’t a game for amateurs.

With the layers of doubt, fear and disbelief people sold us as we left the wonder of childhood, the majority of us are blinded to our true nature as well as to the way the world really works. Robin Sharma expressed it well when he said "Limitation is a mentality that most people practice daily until it becomes their reality". We see life through a lens made up of our closely cherished beliefs and regularly run emotional patterns. We rehearse these constantly until they submerge into our subconscious and the perception resulting from these rehearsals becomes our reality.

If you’re really willing to grow to the full stature of your destiny, cause and calling whilst you live the rest of your life at iconic levels of happiness, prosperity and influence, then you need to look no further than yourself. All that is required is  just to know your true unadulterated identity.

This journey to know your identity has to be embarked by only yourself. It is the most important journey you will ever take and I can guarantee you that the rewards will be of epic proportions. Your success will be determined by your commitment in discovering your true identity. 

Remember that no-one knows better about a product than its manufacturer.  As such the best starting point to knowing yourself is to go through the manual that our creator gave us which is the Holy Bible. Start getting the accurate and correct picture of who you truly are as fulfilling your destiny depends on having that knowledge. Choose to  live beautifully, and lift our precious world in the process as you step out of the crowd to fulfill your divine destiny

  • Posted on 22 September, 2020
  • by Administrator