Destined for Greatness: Your Tuesday morning Inspiration with Gerald Chinogara 6 October 2020


It is a well-known fact that life can be very good and can also be very brutal.  As you pursue your worthy ideals, you’re going to face a whole realm of goodness, unexpectedness, applause, unfairness, glory and cruelty. The Lord Jesus himself said in the world you will have tribulation; but be of good courage: I have overcome the world. So as you draw out from your preordained talents, refine your skills in an endeavour to make your mark on the world, it is not always going to be a smooth ride, you will definitely experience some very rough rides as you go through the journey of life.

What separates the amateurs from the pros is that those who are serious about their pursuits in life are less about complaining and more about taking the bull by the horns, they roll with the highs and the lows and have accepted this as an inherent package of  the adventure of life. When all is going well and running according to plan, they are inspired, focused, productive and steadfast.

However, when the world throws bricks at them, which is inevitable in life, they harden themselves to the punches, keep doing their best and understand that suffering can be exploited to make great art.

Personal experiences have taught me that great and good times rarely teaches me valuable life lessons. My most trying and afflicting moments taught me very powerful life transforming lessons. For me, tough times has been the crucible that built my most virtuous indispensable values that created my most noble character traits. A sign that you are still alive is that some seasons will bring misfortune and pain, but that should not stop you from going out into this cruel but also wonderful world with a heart full of heroism and eyes set to witness the full glory of your divine powers

All of us work for the world and we owe it to those around us to realize our natural genius while we optimize our talents, elevate our creativity, heighten productivity and be helpful to more people. The world rewards us for the value we contribute to the advancement of humanity. The Bible parable on talents teaches us powerful life lesson that we must sweat our assets and if we don’t we lose. The parable on talents goes to tell us that those that don’t use what they have, even the little they have will be taken from them. You might think that this is not fair, but you don’t have to like the talents parable, you must learn from it and become the very best version of yourself by leveraging on everything that you have been endowed with to unleash your potential.

While most of us long for success, and a place at the table of real greatness, we refuse to install the beliefs, run the routines, do the work and live the days that would make this a reality. Popular culture is selling us on the virtues of easy thinking and instant gratification lifestyles. But you know there's zero gain there. The great achievers all think long-term, develop rigorous patience to train daily on their skillset and move toward their most difficult pursuits, for there is where legendary lives. The path to living an amazing life is a treacherous, dangerous and a painful ride, but it's so worth it.

  • Posted on 6 October, 2020
  • by Administrator