Using entrepreneurship to solve high Youth Unemployment

Look around you, do you see them, the job seekers aged between 22 to 35 years. When looking for a job most will say “I just need a job anything, something to do.” They ignore their area of study and end of doing work which is not related to their area of specialization, wasting over 3 years of tertiary education. Choices are limited because they don’t have access to career guidance or resources that can help them to start their own ventures or seek ways of advancing their education outside of the formal education system.

They are everywhere and more are joining them each year as new universities spring up. As of December 2021, Zimbabwe had around 24 universities, 14 state universities and 10 private universities. Expecting the government to create jobs for thousands of youths joining the job market from these universities is expecting too much. This is why it is important for all stakeholders to think of new ways of solving this growing problem.

Despite many university graduates enjoying access to the internet through their phones and for the lucky ones broadband internet at home, few are aware of the vast opportunities that await them on the internet if they become digitally literate and look in the right places for opportunities. Zimbabwe internet penetration has been rising steadily from 25% in 2019 to 33.3% in January 2022 according to the World Bank. Potraz, the local regulator estimates that over half of the country’s population has access to the internet according their latest report.

At Tech Hub Harare we are engaging with the university graduates and allowing them to start their own ventures and offering them:

  • Affordable coworking space
  • Access to the internet
  • Access to mentors
  • Digital skills training
  • Startup development services
  • Computer programming and app development 

It is our hope that the more we help them create their own ventures the more they can create employment opportunities for other university graduates and help reduce unemployment. It is not an easy task but we are happy that the programs are paying off. Through our incubator program which was launched in 2019, over 18 startups have been successfully mentored and are at various stages of development. Some have been selected to join Accelerator programs and are well on their way to attracting investors.

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