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This week we are pleased to introduce you to Tech Hub Harare’s Community Manager, Regina Tafadzwa Bvudzijena (“RB”). Regina is a young energy, bold and innovative 27 year-old, who is excited to be part of Tech Hub Harare (“THH”). We sat down with Regina and she this to say about her new assignment at Tech Hub.

THH: Tell us about yourself. Who is Regina and how did you get here?

RB: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to connect with our readers. My name is Regina Tafadzwa Bvudzijena; I was born in Harare Zimbabwe and am the last born in a family of 3. Growing up I always looked up to my brother who is a medical doctor and my sister who is an environmentalist for inspiration. They set the bar high and encouraged me to pursue a different avenue in the Social Sciences.

I am a Christian and a devoted member of Tabernacle of Grace Church and serve in the Praise and Worship department. In 2015 I graduated from Bindura University of Science Education with a Bachelor of Social Sciences Honors Degree in Peace and Governance and later joined the University of Zimbabwe where I attained an Executive Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation. I am looking forward to pursuing a Masters in Diplomacy and Negotiation which has taken centre stage in various fields of expertise in general and the corporate world in particular.

Over the years, I have worked in the NGO space, Events Planning and Coordination and I am looking forward to applying these experiences in building up our local startup ecosystem.

THH: What drives you, and how do you hope youth entrepreneurship in general?

RB: I am excited to be part of THH as I am passionate about mentoring and identifying talent. I like to motivate people and see results. The untold joy brought about by my sense of purpose brings the drive that wakes me up in the morning to do what I do. My Christian walk has played a magnificent role in moulding me and shaping the way I view the world. No man is an island and for this reason we need to embrace the power of synergies to succeed. As a youth I understand the struggles faced by fellow youth of trying to earn a modest living and making a name for themselves as well as the realities of being independent and to secure a bright future for their children. This in itself drives me to wake up, strategize and map a way for the young entrepreneurial community in which I hope join in the near future. In the past I have seen youth who had great bankable ideas and access to capital but still their businesses succumbed to failure, some had ideas but no investors and their ideas died a natural death and are or are gathering dust on shelves.

I am looking forward to bridging the divide between those with ideas and those with capital. The need for an inclusive startup ecosystem in Zimbabwe is therefore undeniable. Access to mentors, investors as well as a conducive working space where one can collaborate and try and build synergies are also part of the success matrices.

THH: What are your plans and how do you hope to help youth entrepreneurs grow?

RB: I want to influence the youth to think beyond their current problems and rise and make a difference. Youth entrepreneurs need to build a lasting legacy by being proactive and building businesses that solve the many problems facing our country. I am hoping to get support from the private and public sectors to provide exposure to youth entrepreneurs and help them market and develop their ideas into formidable and impactful businesses.

THH will not just be a space but a movement in which the youth have access to essential skills and know how, all housed under one roof to ensure their success. Youth are a key driver of the economy hence; their economic inclusion is important in solving local problems in our economy, primarily high unemployment. If we can empower youths to start their own one man businesses they will grow and employ their colleagues and in time solve unemployment and create sustainable livelihoods.

THH: What do you think about young entrepreneurs? Do they have what it takes to make a difference?

RB: Young entrepreneurs are often misunderstood because they are bold and are not afraid of taking risks. For that reason they are a national treasure as they are innovative and hungry for success. They are thought leaders and bring in positive market behavioral change through technology and many other effective and sustainable business models.

They also form part of the small to medium enterprises that have great potential to transform the social and economic aspects of Zimbabwe through their ideas, products and services. A society is prosperous only to the degree to which it rewards and encourages entrepreneurial activities because it is the entrepreneurs and their activities that are determine the level of success, prosperity, growth and the opportunities that are created in an economy.

THH: What do you think is the role of technology Hubs like THH and how are you going to help young entrepreneurs build their businesses?

RB: Technology hubs encourage collaboration and co-creation and are therefore an important cog startup development in any economy. I am excited that more technology hubs are sprouting up all over the country. This is shows that people are realizing that they can contribute to our economy through entrepreneurship. In any startup there are many parts and for everything to work all these parts need coordination. This is where I come in. I will help identify and nurture our entrepreneurs. I want to make THH a movement in which youth can access all essential tools to ensure their success. The youth are after all the future of the world and I want to make the space accessible to anyone who has a dream or wants to help change the world. No one will be left behind in this amazing journey.

THH: We are also very excited to have you on board. We agree that everyone has a part to play. No one can do this alone. What support do you need in achieving your goals?

RB: As I highlighted earlier there are so many problems that need solving in our country. Thankfully on the flip-side these problems are actually opportunities waiting for the right thinking entrepreneur to address them. I am going to provide platforms and forums for people to gather and develop businesses that solve identified problems. For this, I will need the support of partners and more importantly change makers, thinkers, innovators and developers. I am therefore calling on interested people to come and sign up with THH because we are going to hosting events, training and workshops. THH is going to be a platform where ideas are turned into reality and sustainable solutions and services.

I also need mentors and help shape ideas into businesses. So if we have some experts in something out there they should get in touch and we will combine their expertise with appropriate technology and other people and build beautiful solutions. I am also going to come up with training programs, workshops and pitch events. These will need sponsors and so I will be knocking on a number of doors soon to help these ideas come to life. I am calling upon all captains of industries to partner with me and help young Zimbabwean entrepreneurs solve problems in our economy. They get to realize their dreams, while you play a part in raising the standard of living in our country. Together we will make a difference.

THH: Thank you for your time Regina and we wish you the very best at Tech Hub Harare. How do those who want to be part of this journey get in touch?

RB: Thank you very much, I am very excited to be part of THH and as I said I am looking forward to growing the startup ecosystem. Together we can help build our country together one startup at a time.

Those who want to work with me or partner in an event at THH can get in touch with me +263713016754 or [email protected] or through social media pages techhubharare/ and https://twitter. com/HarareHub.

  • Posted on 10 September, 2018
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