Awesome Covid-19 Resources

Tech Hub Harare is an innovation hub located in Harare. We assist early stage entrepreneurs to start and grow their business ventures by providing networking opportunities and training. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, our efforts have been focused on ensuring that our startups and staff stay safe and be ready to fight another day. 

As a startup support organisation we decided to use some of our skills and competencies to create an information guide to be used by frontline staff as well as ordinary citizens to fight the pandemic by drawing from various information curated reputable and reliable sources from the internet. 

The resource can also be used by everyone to adjust in this time of social distancing. The current pandemic has stretched resources and we need everyone to collaborate and play their part in working to save lives.



Website address



Useful website with up to date guidance on must dos or don'ts.

Africa CDC

Various guides  that can be used to control and manage cases

WHO repository

Articles curated from across the world detailing developments and efforts.


Comprehensive information on global Covid19 developments

CANADA health workers

Canadian health workers mobiliing and sharing information

Staff Wellbeing During COVID19

Resource of health workers. How to handle cases

Google Covid19 Research Centre

Got more time on your hands, this guide will help you dig deeper into current info as tracked by Google. It also has guides on how you can learn online.

Global Accountancy organisation

Resource for those running institutions and businesses

The Lancet Journals

To assist health workers and researchers working under challenging conditions to bring this outbreak to a close,

Education resources

Education is hardest hit and we will need to keep learning. This resource shows you how and has great tips

Startup Digital Marketing Lessons

Learn through this app on how to develop your business through bite sized lessons on digital Marketing.

Mental Health support

Mental health is key at this time. This website connects you to friends and helps you to stay mentally strong

World Hospice and Palliative care

Specialised information on palliative care.

Resources for Schools and teachers

How to help and adjust in these changing times for teachers and schools

Microbiology resource

Various topics around microbiology

The Wellbeing Centre

Resources for parents, kids

Southern China Post

Graphical explanation of Corona Viruses

Corona Explained

Video to fill your knowledge gaps

Flattening the curve

Visual depiction of how countries have fared in the fight against the pandemic

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  • Posted on 13 April, 2020
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