VCs and fund raising

VCs and fund raising

As a community manager of a technology hub, Tech Hub Harare, I often get asked some finance related questions, such as how do I raise capital for my business or what is a cash-flow statement. These are very important questions that are at the heart of every business, in particular startups. Many startups fail to gain traction because they are not generating enough sales and more importantly don’t have a healthy cash-flow to talk about. Many startups have died in Zimbabwe because...

Tech Hub Innovative Mind

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Tech Hub Harare’s Community Manager, Regina Tafadzwa Bvudzijena (“RB”). Regina is a young energy, bold and innovative 27 year-old, who is excited to be part of Tech Hub Harare (“THH”). We sat down with Regina and she this to say about her new assignment at Tech Hub. THH: Tell us about yourself. Who is Regina and how did you get here? RB:  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to connect with our readers. My name is...

  • Posted on 10 September, 2018
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