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Once your start-up is up and running the real work begins. You will need access to experts who can help you with the many things you will need to get right in order to make sure that your venture gets off the ground and has a chance to succeed and eventually attract serious investors. Our platfofrm will help you by linking you to the right experts through workshops or direct contact.


General Start-up Management

How do I build my team, hire the right people and ensure that my records are kept properly? You and your team will go through team building exercises where you will learn about roles , basic accounting, performance evaluation, organisational culture and book/record keeping.

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Sales & Marketing

Without sales your start-up is dead. Learn from expert sales people about the tools you will need such Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation, Advertising, Business Development, Copywriting and content creation, contract drafting and negotiation. 

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Startup Funding Models

Become financially literate. Learn about funding models that work and use them to grow your venture. As your venture grows get advice from experts on the best funding model sto use and build your venture. Learn about how you can use structured finance, Bank Finance, Private Equity, Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Bootstrapping, Non-profit, Asset Finance, working capital management. 

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Technology, Product Design and development

Your venture will need to use technology in one form or another. Learn about the many tools that you can use and get guidance on how to make use of them. These may include Social Media, Software Development, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Innovation, Cloud Services, Online Marketing, Digital Services and Market places 

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Soft skills

How will you get things done in your start-up? You will need to be coached and mentored on how to get the best out of your team members and help them to be productive and entrepreneurial. Learn about Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Leadership, Talent management. Get invited to our Soft Workshop or get introduced to our one on one coaching Expert

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