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Outstanding Customer Support

Once you become a member, you will have access to our technical support team.

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If you are not a customer yet, please contact us and our sales team can help you.


Do you need help with your startup. Our community has experts with extensive experience accross many industries.

Over 2 Years of Collaboration

Tech Hub has been operating virtually since 2016. We have been collaborating with each other to build successful startups

Pay As You Go

Worried about committing yourself? Pay as you go. There was no contracts. You can leave without notice.


Our staff and coworkers are dedicated to seeing things through. They want to everyone at Tech Hub Harare to succeed.


Want reliable and unlimited internet access. We have you covered. No down time.

Fast & Friendly

We know that time is money, we deliver on time every time. If we cant meet your deadline we will warn you in time.

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Our Process

Research & Ideate

The great thing about our coworking space is the diversity of our members. Not sure how to go about bringing an idea to life? You can draw from our skills.

Design & Iterate

Our top notch designers can turn your ideas into realiaty. You can chop and change quickly, as coworkers are there to give you instant feedback on your designs.

Start Small & Scale

We offer you flexibility. From just one desk you can expand your space as you grow, without worrying about how to do it. We make it happen.


Outstanding Products and Services

We also offer a full line of  products  and services to ensure your startup runs smoothly.